How to Convert NST to PST – Performed by An Expert

Summary: Microsoft Outlook stands as a cornerstone in professional communication, yet the ever-evolving landscape of digital communication often demands flexibility in handling data. One such demand arises when users need to convert NST files to the more versatile PST (Personal Storage Table) format. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the detailed process to convert NST to PST using both manual methods within Outlook and professional tools like TrijaTech NST to PST Converter. Additionally, we’ll delve into the reasons compelling users to embark on this conversion journey.

Understanding NST and PST:

Let’s take a quick look at the characteristics of NST and PST files before we start the conversion process. And also know What is NST File and how to open NST File.

NST (Offline Storage Table): NST files are connected to Microsoft Outlook and function as the Exchange mailbox’s offline cache. Even when not connected to the Exchange server, they let users access the contents of their mailboxes.

PST (Personal Storage Table): Microsoft Outlook uses PST files, a flexible storage format, to store contacts, calendars, emails, and other data locally on the user’s computer.

Why Is It Necessary to Convert NST File to PST?

Compatible Across Various Email Clients: PST is a commonly used file format that is compatible with a wide range of email applications and systems. Data sharing and system access are made simpler by converting NST to PST.

Easy Data Migration: Companies frequently implement new email platforms or make adjustments to their email infrastructure. In these situations, converting NST to PST becomes crucial for a smooth, loss-free data migration.

Safe Backup and Archiving: PST files are a useful tool for archiving data for later use or for making backups of important email correspondence. In order to comply with data retention policies, this may be essential.

Offline Accessibility of Emails: PST files are a useful tool for people who need to work without a continual internet connection because they let users access their email data offline.

How to Convert NST to PST Using Manual Method?

Now, let’s explore the methods of converting NST to PST.

Open and Export Method:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook, then select the “File” tab.
  • Go to “Open & Export” and then “Import/Export.”
Click on Open&Export to convert NST to PST
  • In the “Export to a file” dialog box, select “Outlook Data File (.pst).”
  • Decide which NST file to convert, then set the new PST file’s destination.
  • After modifying the choices to suit your needs, finish the wizard.

Drag and Drop Method:

  • Launch two instances of Microsoft Outlook: the NST file instance and the PST file creation instance.
  • To import desired objects from the NST file into the new PST file, just drag and drop them.

Shareware Approach to Perform NST to PST File Conversion

The ideal method for converting NST to PST is offered by a professional tool created by TrijaTech Software. The ability to add NST files as a source is included with the Trijatech OST to PST Converter Tool. Using this software, you can add.nst files and convert them to the.pst file type with ease. The software is widely compatible with MS Windows and MacOS.  


One may need to convert NST to PST for a number of reasons, including data migration, compatibility problems, or the requirement for reliable backup options. A professional tool like TJ NST to PST Converter offer a more effective and feature-rich alternative for managing large sized data, while the manual method is appropriate for small datasets and cost-conscious users. The decision between professional and manual approaches ultimately comes down to personal tastes, data volume, and the particular needs of the user.

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