Import PST to Google Workspace to Migrate PST to G Suite

Introduction: Businesses are turning more frequently to cloud-based solutions for seamless productivity and improved collaboration in the quickly changing world of digital communication and collaboration. Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, stands out as one of the leading platforms for email, document management, and team collaboration. If your organization is looking to make the switch and you currently use Microsoft Outlook with PST data, this guide will walk you through the process of migrating your Outlook PST data to Google Workspace to import PST to Google Workspace effortlessly.

Unraveling the Necessity of Migration

Scalable and effective collaboration tools are essential for expanding businesses. A collection of cloud-based tools called Google Workspace make it easier to collaborate and communicate. But moving away from Microsoft Outlook, which stores email data in PST (Personal Storage Table) files, can be a difficult procedure. You will be able to migrate your Outlook PST data to Google Workspace by following these steps.

Migrate PST File to Google Workspace

Step 1: Import PST files into Google Workspace directly by using TrijaTech PST Converter

Step 2: Manually Using Gmail Settings and IMAP.

If you are attempting to export PST data to Google Workspace, use any of the methods listed above to upload PST to Google Workspace without losing any data right now.

Reasons to Transfer PST to Google Workspace

There are various processes involved in importing PST (Personal Storage Table) files into Google Workspace, which was formerly known as G Suite or Google Apps. In this section, we have elaborated the possible reasons why users need to import PST to Google Workspace account to migrate Outlook PST files to G Suite. A few of them are listed below:

  • Users can access emails and files from any device with an internet connection by migrating from PST to Google Workspace, which encourages flexibility and remote work.
  • Google Workspace includes powerful search capabilities, making it easier to find and manage emails, attachments, and other cloud-stored files.
  • Users can work together in real time on spreadsheets, documents, and presentations, which simplifies workflows and minimizes version control problems.
  • Google Workspace integrates seamlessly with tools such as Google Meet and Chat, facilitating efficient communication within the same platform where work is done.
  • Migrating to Google Workspace can lower infrastructure costs associated with on-premises servers and software, resulting in a more cost-effective solution.
  • Strong security features and compliance controls are built into Google Workspace to safeguard sensitive data and provide a safe space for corporate collaboration and communication.

Method 1: Import PST to Google Workspace (G Suite) Professionally

Straight from the tool itself, TrijaTech PST Converter enables you to import PST files into Google Workspace. The software support.pst file was created by Microsoft Outlook versions 2021/19/16/13/11. With a Google Workspace account, you can upload numerous PST files. The following features explain why this application is so popular.

  • Perform single/bulk migration of PST files into G Suite or Google Workspace.
  • Options to import PST to Office 365, G Suite, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, IMAP, etc.
  • Easily transfer Outlook PST file data to PST, MSG, EML, EMLX, MBOX, PDF, etc. formats.
  • Keeps the data hierarchy unchanged during and after migration.
  • Doesn’t require Outlook installation.
  • Works smoothly with Windows 11, 10, and all the below editions.

Method 2: How to Migrate PST File to Google Workspace (G Suite) Manually

For users seeking a free method to import.pst to Google Workspace through a manual process.

Here is a detailed step-by-step explanation on how to export or migrate PST emails to Google Workspace using a free or manual method. You may import PST files to your Google Workspace account safely if you follow these instructions carefully.

The following are the manual steps to migrate Outlook PST data to Google Workspace:

Step 1: First, turn on IMAP in Gmail

  • After logging in to your Gmail account, select Settings.
  • Toggle between POP/IMAP and Forwarding.
  • Check the Enable IMAP box under IMAP Access.
  • To save the changes, click the button.
  • Launch the Less Secure Apps app by visiting

Step 2: In Outlook, configure your Google Workspace Account

  • Go to the File tab on the Add Account screen after opening Outlook.
  • Next, click Connect after entering your G Suite email address.
  • Upon successful configuration, Outlook will notify you that your G Suite account is ready. In order to finish the remaining steps, click Done.


The above-mentioned professional tool provides a straightforward and efficient way to import PST to Google Workspace (G Suite) environment. The tool streamlines the migration process, allowing for the seamless transfer of emails, calendar events, and contacts.

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